Sunday, July 5, 2009


The hot weather convinced us to buy a little pool for Eileigh to play in!! The water was sufficiently warmed by the sun throughout the day and Boone and Eileigh enjoyed a dip in the evening after our 4th of July BBQ. Boone had a fabulous time splashing around and trying to dive into the water while Eileigh was very serious at first until she figured out how to stand and move around the pool- then the smiles came out.

Very serious at first

She loved to stand up and just walk around (since she isn't allowed to in the tub!)

Classic "Side-eye"

Bottle-cap in the mouth, always in the mouth

Figuring out how to get out..and in..and out...and in...

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The Dunns said...

"Eileigh, can you SMILE???"