Sunday, July 19, 2009

Escape to the Coast

After the celebration and wedding of my youngest sister on Sunday, we headed over to the coast that next day for some relaxation and extended family fun. Mike's parents had generously reserved rooms at a great little hotel, Pelican Shores- right on the beach with very close, easy access to get down to the beach (read: not too many steps to struggle up/down). The first day (Monday) was a bit overcast and not at all windy- I have NEVER been to the coast when it has been so calm and wind-less, which made the weather just the right amount of warm. Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and was the windy coast I am used to! We were able to fly a kite (something I haven't done since I was like... ten...) and Mike further amazed me with his mad kite-flying skills. Very impressive. I love it when I think I know most things about him and he surprises me with something I didn't have a clue about! He just kinda shrugged it off and acted like Of course, I should've just automatically assumed he'd be good at it. He is my husband, after all- I should know he'd be good at anything!! :) Crack me up. The rest of the day included pack-up and check-out and then we finished off the trip with a little shopping at the outlets (I got shoes!!) and a jaunt to Mo's for lunch. I behaved myself (for the most part)- no breadbowl with clamchowder this time... although I did manage to polish off a few clamstrips that were calling my name. All in all, a wonderful time!!

I took advantage of Grandma and Daddy playing in the sand with Eileigh and I snuggled into the warm sand and soaked up some clouded sun rays. Eileigh did not actually make those sand castles to the left of the picture. She did, however, destroy them.

My great mother-in-law (and me)

Eileigh's first time in the pool!! She did famously- total water baby. I'm not sure what she liked more, "swimming" in the water, playing around with Daddy, or watching all the other kids in the pool. Regardless I think she loved every minute of it and was rather offended when we took her out. Hopefully I can make plans for a swimming class for her soon!

Normally not a big fan of water in her eyes, splashing seemed to be okay.

The usual "Oooohhhhh"

I love those two.

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