Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beautiful, romantic and wet!!

No words can adequately describe the beauty of this day- or the amazement at the sheer amount of weather that rained down almost constantly after beginning as a sprinkle at the start of the ceremony. However, no amount of inclement weather could dampen the spirits or the love of the happy, beautiful couple as quick adjustments were made not only to the length of the ceremony but also to the location of the reception (from lovely outdoor area to roof overhang and two rapidly-emptied garages). I thoroughly enjoyed the mingling, the food, and the light-hearted banter throughout a decidedly relaxed reception. The new Mr. and Mrs. B. drove off into the clouded sunset for the perfect ending to their beginning while my perfect ending to this extraordinary day came in the form of a hot, hot shower and warm jammies as I climbed early into bed. Congratulations Emi and David!!!

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