Monday, July 20, 2009

Class of '99

I am pretty much unable to fully wrap my mind around the fact that I graduated from high school ten years ago. Yes, so much has happened and yes, it does feel like awhile ago- but not TEN years!! Four or five, maybe.. but at that point I was meeting and marrying Mike! More than amazing how fast time goes by. I can't think of what life will be like ten years into the future- I'll be 37 (so close to 40!!) :), Eileigh will be almost 12- so close to being a teenager, and who knows how many other little munchkins we'll have! By that point Eileigh will be closer to high school age than I will be- not that I'd ever wish to go back!! I much prefer enjoying the company of my high school alums as we are now as opposed to how we were then- way too much drama (myself not excepted). It was definitely good to see everyone, their families, and what they've been up to! I really enjoyed being able to see how similar some of the next generation kiddos are to their parents! Eileigh shifted into overdrive with the combination of park, swings, slides, kids, dogs, and lots of people. Mike and I traded off chasing her around and out of things (garbage, other people's purses, etc.) while simultaneously visiting, catching up and eating dinner. We headed home not too long after dinner and Eileigh didn't make a peep when we put her down for bed- I think she enjoyed the evening as much as anyone!!


The Dunns said...

That is NOT very many people who made it back for the reunion! Where is '99?!?!

Jenae said...

There were others that went only to the adults-only drinks/dinner the night before!! :) Not everyone could make it to the family fun BBQ!! :)

*macey.crow* said...

Jenae - You are so beautiful!