Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snack Trap!

Eileigh has fallen in adoration with a little green cup appropriately titled The Snack Trap. It has a cute little cow on front (Mmmmmoo per Eileigh) and a plastic lid that is surprisingly effective at holding Cheerios in. I know it is a horrible thing for her to be allowed to roam about, snack in hand- as opposed to sitting down and focusing on what she's eating- but I can't seem to stop the act that brings me such laughter and delight! She becomes so incredibly happy as she toddles independently around the room moving from wall to china hutch to piano bench to couch, Cheerio-laden Snack Trap in hand all the while. Sometimes a full lap is completed and sometimes she is only midway when there comes the pause, the totter and subsequent rebalancing, and then the hand dips into the Snack Trap and gleefully resurfaces with not one but several Cheerios set for ingestion. Often they do not all make it into Eileigh's mouth and end up on the floor instead- safe until the completion of another lap around the room. It is amazing to me how much more confident and independent she appears to be once the Snack Trap is in her possession, almost as though she's a little hobo- her Snack Trap is her knapsack and she's setting out on her own to see the world! At least, the world as seen on the first floor- and oh, what an adventure it is!


The Dunns said...

That little gleeful hobo is more than I can take! She's so cute I can barely stand it! Love her double collared shirt, btw. :)

Neil, Kelsey, & Elliott Cantrall said...

Where did you get the snack trap? Sounds like Elliott could be the perfect hobo as well...he is eating constantly. :)

Jenae said...

We actually found it on a little display shelf at Babies'r'us... but you can go to and pick out whatever you want- I think they're about $5 but it has been so worth the $$!! :)