Monday, February 16, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day! (only a few days late- but since Mike was working on Heart Day we are celebrating it-mostly-today!) My parents are coming over early this evening and Mike and I are going to enjoy a nice dinner out. Last year Eileigh was only a few weeks old (not even full-term yet, technically) and so Valentine's Day was our first time away from Eileigh- I think we stayed away at least a full hour, maybe hour and a half. We went to Miramar, my fave local Mexican restaurant here in town. This year we are going to go wild and go into Salem and blow a good portion of a gift certificate we have for Olive Garden!! :) We're actually really looking forward to it- Mike really likes OG and we haven't eaten there in forever! Plus there's just something about Valentine's Day that says pasta/Italian food (if you're not among the upper eschelons that speak of prime rib and salmon, that is).
Mike, Eileigh and I have all been sick this last week- Mike and I being the hardest hit. One of the girls from work offered to work my Friday for me and I gratefully accepted the day off to recuperate. I spent it in my jammies laying on the couch (minus the time chasing, holding, feeding or entertaining Eileigh). So a good couple of minute anyways. But unfortunately my good fortune messed up Mike's romantic surprise! He had planned for flowers, truffles and etc. to be delivered to my work during the day and so I effectively ruined the plan and the surprise. Luckily they were able to deliver to our house instead (after major research to figure out who he had actually ordered the flowers from- apparently leaving no information to trace to the surprise has its disadvantages). So I received my beautiful flowers in the morning and was able to enjoy them and the chocolates all day long!! Eileigh has thoroughly enjoyed the balloon as well- she points to it and calls it "Bah". We're still working on the "lloon" part.
Last night I received the second part of my gift: a .38 Special!!! :) Now I have my very own handgun. I wasn't real wild about Mike's Glock (always being afraid of getting my skin pinched) and so I am a lot more comfortable with the revolver. It's cute! :) And while I don't have a gift for Mike as great as what he got for me, I believe he gets a huge kick out of having gotten his wife a handgun for Valentine's Day- and the fact that she loves it!!


Carrie said...

Aww! How sweet of Mike! Very cool!

For a second there, when I saw the post title, I almost got excited...G'NR was one of my faves back in the day... *sigh*

(Okay, clearly showing my age here! ha! ha!)

The Dunns said...

LOVE the title: seriously. Hot little toy you got yourself, there!