Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Molars... and Diaper Rash

Originally I was going to talk about Eileigh's first molar that's erupting on the bottom right side but as of this evening I am now aware of her second molar coming in on the upper right as well!!! Sure explains a lot of what's been going on lately!! She has the worst diaper rash she has ever had- yesterday she was crying it was so painful. I felt so bad for her!! Today it seems to be a bit better. I've been giving her lots of "air time", especially before bed. She loves to roam around her room half nekked- wearing nothing but socks and a sweater! And I must say she has the cutest buns I've ever seen!! :)
Even with two molars coming in, the last couple days have been really enjoyable (other than the diaper rash). Eileigh is standing alone for lengths of time and has been walking back and forth to Mike and I- it's a blast! She's so proud of herself too. She's always been somewhat hesitant regarding independence but this has really helped her confidence and I think she's happier because of it. This in turn has changed her into an occasional snuggler- my heart sings!! :) She'll get back from a walk and snuggle or hug me and I just melt. I think it reassures me more than her- sometimes it's so hard to see my baby growing up!


The Dunns said...

Little cuddly nekked girl!

Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

OMG seriously we are sisters- as I read your post Nae I said NEKKED like it should be said...and then I went to leave a comment and Mindi beat me to it! :) I love you girls.