Monday, February 9, 2009

Rabbit, Anyone?

To continue with the tradition of sharing my enthrallment with Eileigh's "firsts", I shall cross the line into an area much more grotesque than has previously been noted. Last night Eileigh ate rabbit poop. Yes, yes it's true.
The story: I was talking on the phone to Mike (who was on shift) and sitting on the couch in the living room. Eileigh was circling around me like a little shark, practicing walking, falling, and crawling. After one slightly longer, quieter circle she arrived at my location and I noticed she had picked up the additional feature of two small brown flecks on her cheeks- which I assumed were dirt. I brushed them off and then realized she was chewing. On something. I put down the phone after my first failed attempt to retrieve the object and was rewarded on the second try with a firm bite on my finger and a pea-sized dark brown object. I figured it was a little rock with some dirt around it until I mentioned it to Mike. He SOMEHOW instantly knew it was rabbit poop. Maybe because he'd already seen some and failed to tell me about it. So while Eileigh cried at me for taking away her chewy treasure, I gingerly brought it to my nose and took a whiff. Yep, rabbit pellet. Our backyard neighbors have a rabbit that refuses to be contained and so is allowed to roam wherever it pleases, including our yard. Our cat Graybie seems to have made friends with it and so I'll see the rabbit sometimes on our back porch when I let Graybie inside in the mornings. Never before however, have I seen any other evidence of its roamings. Until now. Mike believes Gray might sometimes bring the evidence in on his paws. Geez.
Oh, and you ask, how does a rabbit make it with so many cats around? I had wondered that myself until one day I was upstairs and happened to look out the window and saw the rabbit next door. The neighbor's cat was walking casually towards the rabbit and I thought to myself, This should be good. And so it was, as I watched the rabbit LEAP towards the approaching cat which then spun around and ran away as fast as its striped little legs could carry it. Very enjoyable to watch.
I think that rabbit better watch where it hops. If any more such delicacies find their way into Eileigh's mouth- so help me! Maybe that bunny will get a taste of its own medicine. Dirty diaper anyone?


Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

that's disgusting! Remember Samson and Deliah? Oh how I miss them!

Carrie said...