Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out with the Old, in with the... Old

As promised, here is our "new" truck- a 1988 Toyota, complete with every option not available. As in, no power steering. And we just happened to have a spare piece of foam lying around that fits perfectly into the back of the driver's seat for improved comfort. Luckily. But I love this thing! (Not that I have to drive it). It has a bench seat in it- which means that I get to sidle on over to the middle and claim my rightful place next to Mike- a requirement for any small town girl riding in her man's truck!! :) That is definitely the highlight of every trip we take together in it- mostly Wednesday nights, since that is the only time we are Eileigh-less. This truck is not exactly car-seat compatible.
But we are excited for what this truck has made possible- we now own my 4-Runner and are almost completely debt-free except for our new 15-year mortgage and one school loan. (It's mine unfortunately). We are on the road to FREEDOM!! And the ride is made just a little bit sweeter in our old, bench-seated, 1988 pickup truck.

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