Saturday, February 14, 2009

Piggies and Pretties

For Valentine's Day Eileigh received little rubber hairbands so we could start to do something with that wild mop of hair she has. Our first attempt left her with a little Alfalfa spike but the second day I had a better grasp of how to work it and she received two "piggies"- as we refer to her pigtails. They're not really official pigtails, since they're not on each side of her head... they're actually both in the front and on top but it keeps the hair out of her eyes and she's super-cute to boot!! :) It actually makes her look quite mischevious... which is a fitting, well-earned title as of late. Consider yourself warned! For the most part Eileigh has left them in her hair (except when she occupied herself with things to do OTHER than taking a nap) and so I consider that a great success. I used to bling her up a little with a bow or ribbon to clip her hair back but her favorite thing was to take her "pretty" right back out! Sometimes I would mess with her and pretend I was putting it in her hair and she would automatically grab for it and keep running her hand through her hair trying to find it... hilarious. Also amusing has been Grandma trying to CONVINCE Eileigh to leave her "pretty" in her hair. Hysterical. So this (so far) is working much better!

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The Dunns said...

I love your piggies little one! You looked super cute today at church, too. I wuv ewe.