Sunday, November 21, 2010

Westward Ho!

Mike and I have been wanting to take the girls to the Coast Aquarium and finally we planned to make a day trip of it for our little family. After Selah's morning nap we loaded up and headed west. We hit the coast right about lunchtime and stopped for fish tacos, cod burger and that of which without no trip to the coast is complete: a cup o' clam chowder. Eileigh shared my cup and continues in her love of all things seafood. After lunch we completed the last leg of our journey (Selah dozed briefly) and arrived at the aquarium eager to get the girls' take on the whole experience. It went off swimmingly. :) Selah was content in the Ergo and spent her time happily pointing the occasional finger against the glass at random fish meandering by. Eileigh went excitedly from anacondas to Japanese spider crabs (they're HUGE!) to jellyfish before arriving at the "Please Touch" locale. I think she preferred touching the starfish over the sea anemones and spent awhile just playing in the water. After that we were off to the sea otters, seals and the piece de resistance: sharks. Or as Eileigh pronounces it, "SARKS!!!" (with a little shudder at the end). A little stop at the gift shop on our way out netted us a "lovey" for Selah- a soft little sea otter that she immediately giggled at and tried to chew on and a little "Nemo" fish to add to the bathtub toy collection for Eileigh. We hopped back in the truck for the drive home and stopped at what is surely to be the newly designated stopping point for us: Humble Pie Pizzeria. Tiny little place with only about four tables and what is the most incredible seafood pizza I have ever had. Smoked oysters, smoked salmon, shrimp, loads of cheese, sweet yellow peppers and pineapple... but I had you at smoked oysters, didn't I? :) We drove home, hearts and bellies full from a happy day spent with loved ones at the coast. Hoping for a repeat before too long! So fun.

Piranhas in the Swampland exhibit- yeeeeh.

Eileigh navigating the tunnel under the piranhas

This cracks me up! She was peeking up from the tunnel under the piranhas.

Gorgeous jellies

The petting zoo

By the seals and sea lions

Selah was watching the sharks

Eileigh hesitated before walking over the glass/water, then dipped a cautious toe "in"- then ran full speed ahead over it

Up close and personal

Selah was a little concerned about being eaten by the gigantic shark... just kidding. We loved it.

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Mindi said...

Great pics! Boone wants to go in the "tunnel" too :) Can you imagine those two together??