Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Harvest

Having been gone (only) 8 days, Mike and the other elk hunters in his group decided to return home 4 days early, much to the surprise and great joy of the womenfolk minding the fires and the babes back home. Both Mike and my Dad punched their tags this year, Mike tagging a hefty cow and Dad bringing home a dandy 5-point bull. They had a great time, some snow, a dire lack of showers and personal hygiene (which is why it remains a men-only event) and decidedly aggressive facial hair growth (my husband in particular). This latter occurrence allows for what is possibly the most treasured tradition of all: that of shaving off the beard in bits and pieces for all manner of facial hair mosaic. Tonight it began for us, Mike hearkening back to the days of old (Senior year of high school), when he sported an oddly severe lamb-chop-type side burn, somewhat massive and yet quite angular. I have spent the evening vacillating between begging him to shave it off, throwing out shameless and largely ignored threats, and dissolving into giggles anytime I gaze straight at him. Eileigh stands by her man and tells me she steadfastly approves of the new facial hair design, "I like it, Mama!" Nothing I say can convince her otherwise- to my chagrin and Mike's elation. But beard (or half-beard or goatee or lambchops) or not, it is wonderful to have him home and to have a freezer full of meat!

Eileigh liked "petting" the elk although she did show some concern for the "owie" at the back of the head. Told her that is one owie that will not be needing a bandaid.

She said, "My shoot a BIG ELK when I get older!!!"

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Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

Eiger looks so comfy and cute in her winter garb!