Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costume Party

For the last few years we've enjoyed a family night of costumes with minimal trick-or-treating for the kiddos- mainly to a few neighbors that we know. Candy and good food is had in abundance and there is always a bit of good-natured competition for the moniker of Best Costume. This year I think Emi took the lead although I also leaned rather strongly towards the sombrero slinger. Yes, he's all mine ladies.

Group shot: Sanchez, Little Bo Peep, rocker/artist chick, backpacker/hiker/granola girl, two little chickies (Foster Farms or just lookalikes, who can know?...), grannie and gramps, and salt and pepper

Selah in her original costume (before the meltdown). Eileigh said, "Selah is my little man!" Little man: in the same vein as Mary Had A Little Man.

Little Bo Peep loves her daddy... even if she is afraid of that mustache (like the rest of us).

The meltdown begins.

The boys were wondering what in the WORLD was going on with Selah (doesn't phase Eileigh)

I think Boone was telling Finn, "It's just girl drama, Finn. Something about her outfit."

The closest we could get to a happy picture of all four of them.

My beloved sisters and I. Life is so much better when shared!!!

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Mindi said...

I love this post. Speaks to my quirky heart.