Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Baby is One!

Today is Eileigh's birthday- One year old! I can't believe I am the mother of a one year old. First I couldn't believe I was a mom, a mom of a preemie, etc., etc. It just keeps on going. I know that I will be saying this (well, thinking it at least) with every year and every milestone that passes. But time really does go by so fast. Eileigh surprised us (five weeks early) one year ago today at 12:04am after an intense four hour labor, weighing 5 lbs., 7 and 3/4 ounces. and measuring 18 inches long.

She has grown and changed so much. I look back at pictures and video we took after she was born and I find myself thinking of that newborn as a completely different baby. There is newborn Eileigh, who slept all the time, was completely helpless and was the object of my great joy and anxiety. And then there is my daughter, the Eileigh that makes funny faces, laughs and waves, walks everywhere holding on to everything, and likes to keep me in her sight and often grasp so I don't get too far away. She has a smile that makes my heart sing. She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and probably the most life-changing. Well, perhaps I should clarify that God has used her to challenge, stretch, change and bless me in ways that I never have been before and never would be if she were not in my life. Parenting and being a parent are two of the greatest challenges and blessings that there are. All in all, I am one incredibly blessed woman, wife and mother!! And for that I give all thanks and praise to God!

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The Dunns said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EILEIGH GIRL!!! I love you so much! You are a phenomenal mother, Nae- a huge standing ovation for your undying sacrifices and challenges this last year! You are a beautiful woman....made all the more stunning through your journey as a mom! Ps. She looked so much like Mike in the beginning! And so much like you now!