Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday! Kinda Jenae!

I finally booked our return trip to Bonneville Hot Springs and Resort. Our first trip had been for our one-year wedding anniversary, Mike surprising me by taking me to Bonneville and to ride the Mt. Hood dinner train. We had such a great time then that we have always planned to go back at some point and I recently felt I had the best justifications in the world! I wanted to reward myself for finishing an arduous year-long journey of exclusively pumping and it just so happened that my birthday fell on the weekend we could go. When I called to book our reservations the woman asked if we were celebrating anything. I hemmed and hawed and stumbled verbally for awhile since I couldn't figure out how to mention to polite society my true reasons for celebration (i.e. completion of the tortuous rigors of EP'ing). And although not the only reason, my birthday was still a justified, albeit minor, cause for additional celebration. In my opinion. So I said, "My birthday... kinda." She asked my name about the same time. I spelled it, the same on my credit card thank you very much. And that was that. Until we arrived and checked in to our room.
There greeting me was a welcome sign straight out of the Reader's Digest Bloopers at the End of the Articles, "Happy Birthday! Kinda Jenae!" Beautiful. Tears welled in my eyes as I tried to stop laughing. Seriously, this was personalized and made from your regular, run-o-the-mill computer printer. By a human being. How do you...? Wouldn't you...? How does this happen? I have no explanation and only some sore ribs from laughing every time my brain gets tickled by the memory of this hilarious misunderstanding. I never thought something like this might ever happen to me! Perhaps what tops it all off is that they even spelled my name- the Jenae part of my name anyways- correctly! After 27 years of having my first name mispelled (even by people who have my name already spelled out in front of them), my name was finally spelled correctly- only with the addition of Kinda. I am Jenae no longer, but Kinda Jenae! How cool is that. Fairly similar to "Just Joan", I think- who made it to Hollywood. I wonder what this next year might have in store for me, since I am just Jenae no longer.
Whatever I may be called, we did have a fabulous time. It was our first overnighter away from Eileigh and I believe we all did great, although Eileigh appears to be suffering from a bout of spoiled-itis due to close contact with Grammie while we were gone. But it was definitely worth it! I enjoyed two-and-a-half hours in the spa and have realized that there will be spas in Heaven. It will be part of the Agape love division- you can show true love to someone by giving them a massage... I received an 80 minute massage after an hour-long mineral bath and wrap and actually thought I could possibly already be in Heaven. Watch for my book, 140 minutes in Heaven. I tried my hardest to stay awake so that I could fully enjoy every moment of pampering, but I am forced to admit that I drifted off in bliss every now and then. It was wonderful, to say the least. Don't ask me to pump another year to earn that reward though- I'll turn you down! Mike and I discussed on the drive if there were ANYTHING tangible that could coerce me to EP for an entire year with a preemie/newborn/etc. and I have yet to find something that could. I don't even know if I'd do it for a million dollars, literally. But when I look at my baby's chubby, healthy, happy face and know that it is because of me- I know that it has been worth it.

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The Dunns said...

You know the only thing that could've made your weekend of bliss even better? A little turkish delight.