Monday, January 26, 2009

Cat trap!

Well, okay, not really a cat trap... it just sounded better than plain old cat door. Or cat door that traps child.
Eileigh discovered our cat door from the kitchen to the garage. I had wondered how long it would be before discovery- turns out, not long. She loves being in the kitchen with me and generally cruises all along the walls/cupboards/refrigerator to wherever she thinks she might want to go. When she finally noticed the cat door she realized quickly that she could see out (the garage door was open so she could see outside) and would hold it open, bend or squat down, and peek through the opening. It was hilarious... until the door swung shut on top of her fingers. It didn't hurt her (at least she didn't appear distraught), it just captured her fingers and then wouldn't let me move it out or in. I finally had to give it a big push to free her- of course she was just fine and wanted to keep playing with it. Apparently that will go on the list of things that are useful for both cats and children, along with rattles, milk, Cheerios and clean laundry (like a moth to a flame so is a sleepy cat or wily child to clean laundry).
Also, just to note, that insanely crazy hair-do was carefully constructed through the combination of damp, post-bath hair and a nap up against the bumpers in her crib, with the final touches being made by her scooting on her back all along the crib once she awakened. Please let me know if you need any further instruction to recreate this look on your child. I think it could become a trend...

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The Dunns said...

Oh Eileigh, Eileigh, Eileigh! Auntie Min loves all your wily hairdo-ness!