Monday, January 19, 2009

Hiking Valley of the Giants

The last (and previously ONLY) time I had hiked Valley of the Giants was 10 years ago. A lot has changed in 10 years and this time I had a husband and a daughter to hike with! The trip to get there was as least as long as I remembered it being, but made better by the company of my sister Emi and her fiance David. Eileigh rode forward-facing for the very first time and her enjoyment was definitely the highlight of the drive. At times she nearly shrieked with excitement and kept us occupied figuring out the most effective method to get her to pipe down! Perhaps earplugs might be the best solution for now. (Actually, playing music- specifically Norah Jones- is a great way to get her to quiet down. Maybe because I listened to that CD all the time when I was pregnant with her).
When we reached the old town of Valsettes we pulled over and BBQ'd some hot dogs on our BabyQ Weber grill. We topped those off with fixings, chips, apples and cookies- you know, standard picnic fare- and then were on our way.

Mike carried Eileigh almost the entire time in a hiker backpack (well, that's what I call it- I don't know the official title). We did take her out towards the end for a little photo op with a tree but she ended up back in the pack for the remainder of the trip when she grew too heavy to carry in our arms. I say "our" meaning Mike's. No way I could carry her uphill. I could barely drag myself up the hill!! Just kidding! :)

The hike was absolutely breathtaking at some points. It was very cold out but as long as we kept moving we were fine- even warm at some points! There was still some snow on the ground and even ice on the bridge but the trail was fairly dry for the most part. We finished the hike and agreed to return at some point in the future- hopefully before the next 10 years has passed!! All in all, a great way to spend a birthday- with my loved ones on a beautiful day in God's incredible creation!!!

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