Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wee Bunz

Today Eileigh and I took a trip down to Corvallis to check out Wee Bunz, the natural parenting and cloth diaper store located there. I had originally hoped to cloth diaper with Eileigh but I was unprepared for her to be born so early and sorta had my feet kicked out from under me. I mainly focused on my struggle to survive for those first few (okay, at least 3 or 4) months. By the time I felt more on top of things Eileigh had completely outgrown the sizes I had bought and so it was back to square one- and sticking with the convenience of disposables. Having recently come to the realization that Eileigh is actually going to be in diapers for quite a while longer, Mike and I discussed the pros and cons of going to cloth and decided it's definitely worth a shot! Disposables are a big expense over the long run and since we're trying to trim various areas of our finances we thought this might be a great option for us. The owner was WONDERFUL and let me exchange the covers for the size that she wears now, even though it had been almost a year since my purchase! I had a lot of fun picking out some of the covers- they're so cute! I just got a basic package so we'll try these out and see what we think and probably buy a few more if we decide we like what we've got. Eileigh did great while I shopped- although she did try to eat her barrette- I caught her right as it disappeared into her mouth!! Scared me to death but at least she let me get it out without too much fuss or fight. Speaking of Eileigh's mouth, I just noticed her SIXTH tooth glistening right below the surface- on the left upper side!! Should be making an official appearance soon!! :) Here's Eileigh modeling some of our new purchases- she is really starting to get the hang of picture taking!! :)

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The Dunns said...

OMG- she is so cute in those! FYI (eileigh): I got you something today! You are going to LOVE them... I just am deciding if I should give them to you now or wait till Christmas!