Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our favorite color: Camo

Uncle Jeff got a cute little camo outfit for Eileigh that Mike has been dying for her to wear. Today Mike had hunting on the brain (since he has been cooped up in the house with his buddy, ol' C. diff.). Proud, infatuated parents that we are, a simple picture turned into a photography session complete with props: stuffed black bear, spotting scope, GPS, and two types of cow calls. Eileigh preferred to chew on the mouth call. And the GPS. The hat pretty much drove her nuts, and I think we enjoyed that the most!! :)


Tyka said...

my goodness, isnt she a cute lil girl? with her cute outfit too!


Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

OMG she is so adorable in camo. LOVE it!

The Dunns said...

Had to have Jeff come and look at your post- he loved it and had to enlarge every single photo. :)