Thursday, October 7, 2010


Lunchtime was upon us and Selah was still sleeping so Eileigh and I headed out for a mother-daughter picnic in the backyard. Eileigh was pretty thrilled to be picnicking, mostly due to the full cup of (only slightly) diluted homemade grape juice she proudly carried out and sipped with greater pleasure than the most intent wine connoisseur. I in turn was happy to discover that the bugs for the most part remained unaware of our lunching and so Eileigh and I were quite the contented pair. Aside from our homemade grape juice (Eileigh polished off the rest of my glass with a big grin) we lunched on leftovers: Ginger, Sesame Seed and Soy Sauce Salmon and sauteed garden zucchini, summer squash and tomatoes with whole wheat spaghetti. Great meal and even better company. This may have been our last picnic of the year... Fall has definitely arrived!

Grape juice 'stache


Mindi said...

That sounds delicious! I need that salmon recipe! We picknicked yesterday!

Jenae said...

It's a Nourishing Traditions recipe for the salmon and then the zuke/squash/tomato is a recipe under either zucchini or tomatoes, I can't remember which section... thrown on w/w spaghetti. And cheese. Topped with lots of cheese. :)