Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday I spent the late afternoon and evening comforting a sick Selah Rae. I think the egg yolk she had for lunch did not agree with her and a few hours later the poor babe had quite a bit of projectile vomiting in response... all over herself, me and several areas of the house. Since Mike was on shift and not able to come home right away, my Dad was able to stop by a little later and brought pizza for dinner. Selah seemed to be starting to feel better by that point and so Eileigh, Dad, Selah and I sat around the table and chatted away while munching on pepperoni and sausage. As is our custom, Dad was sharing about his day at work and brought up a friend who is going through some incredibly difficult circumstances. Knowing that Eileigh was listening, my Dad glanced in her direction and said, "She is truly going through 'H'." Eileigh gazed steadily back at him and replied, "I."


Carrie said...

Poor Selah! But Eileigh sure cracks me up!

Mindi said...

seriously some of her best work.