Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Just Desserts...

My mom's birthday (Sept. 1st) was a great excuse to try out a recipe I've been holding on to for literally a few years. I kept it because it seemed to be such a cool recipe at the time and then as luck would have it (or not, if you ask my mom), she ended up being gluten-intolerant and it made a perfect opportunity to try out this cake! It is flourless, which is why it is perfect for my mom. Called La Bete Noir, it means The Black Beast- and definitely stands up to its reputation!! It wasn't difficult to make, even though it required my first "water bath" to bake it, and came out an incredibly rich, dark chocolatey slice of goodness along the lines of a dense cheesecake. Definitely hanging on to that recipe.
My second foray into Fancy Desserts unfortunately did not turn out quite so aesthetic. It was delicious to be sure (I liked it even more than the Black Beast) but I was quite disappointed when I removed part of the springform pan and my white chocolate mousse fell once the carmelized bananas were hoisted on top. Turns out I did not need to fear having over-beaten the egg whites or whipping cream. At least it tasted yummy!! :) My sister got a picture of it with her iphone camera before it crashed- Mike had our camera with him hunting!

The plan next is to make a German Chocolate Cake from scratch for my dad's birthday (which was today, the 17th!). I'll be looking for a great recipe so if you have one, please pass it on!!

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