Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2nd Annual Camping Trip

I could hardly believe it was time for our annual camping trip to the coast! Last year we were able to split time between a yurt and our 5th wheel but this year the yurts were already reserved and unavailable so we decided to just stay one night from Sat. to Sun. However, on Friday I was able to get off of work early and we decided to be spur-o'-the-moment people (this is not my general nature but I do try) and quickly booked a room at a hotel close to the campground (it was raining and they have a pool). I threw everything I could possibly think of into a few bags and we were off! We started to doubt ourselves as night came quicker than we anticipated and we were still on the road- I was hungry for dinner, and Eileigh was cranky and continuously asking, "Down?" "Up-pea!" (Up, please) and "Out!" My aspirations of a nice seafood dinner took a dive as we looked at the clock and instead we pulled into Burger King for a quick meal of cheap grease. Eileigh of course was thrilled and kept requesting, "Fry? Fry? TWO!" She has gotten the "two" concept down pat. We finally arrived at the campsite and spent some time sitting around the fire and visiting with family and friends. Eileigh had her own little Cabela's camping chair to sit in although she preferred to move from lap to lap- or in the absence of a lap simply steal that person's chair. It got late so we headed out and found the hotel warm and inviting and all quickly fell asleep. I was hoping Eileigh would sleep in since we got to bed so late but no such luck- you'd think I'd know better by now! :) Mike took Eileigh with him for a coffee run and I was able to doze off a little and woke up feeling refreshed upon their happy return. We decided to go for a quick dip in the pool before checkout and spent a happy half-hour or so splashing around (technically, Mike and Eileigh splashed while I put my feet in the too-cold-for-me water). Happy time, that is, until a maintenance worker came in and told us he'd just put chemicals in the pool and it was supposed to be closed (the sign said SPA closed before we entered but he flipped it before we left to say POOL closed, grr). I pretty much flipped out and we hurried upstairs to take long showers to rinse who knows what kind of chemicals off. I had suspiciously tingly hands for an hour afterwards but Mike assured me I was crazy and it was all in my head. :)
Other than a leisurely girls-only-plus-Boone (my nephew) lunch outing, we stayed in camp for the rest of the day while the guys went fishing and crabbing in the ocean. Dinner was delicious and featured grilled salmon caught the day before and tons of crab caught that afternoon. I happily consumed Selah's and my share (I am 23 1/2 weeks pregnant with our baby girl, Selah). Night fell quickly and brought a chill. Eileigh woke up cold and crying at an unknown but altogether ungodly hour and so I packed her into bed with my mom and I and spent the rest of the night alternately enjoying snuggling her and trying to find a comfortable position for myself. Which was pretty much impossible to do but a line from a song kept streaming through my head "It won't be like this, for long"- made all the more poignant since it is about his little girl growing up. So I decided to just enjoy the sleepless night since it might be the only time I will ever really get to snuggle and sleep like that with Eileigh... maybe next year we'll have Selah in there with us!! :) We packed up the next morning and headed home, another camping trip down and ready to plan for the next one!

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