Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Project accomplished: making a German Chocolate cake from scratch for my dad's birthday (not on the actual day, but certainly in celebration of it!!). I had asked him what cake he would want if he could choose anything and German Chocolate it was- so I scoured around for a good-looking recipe and finally found one that appeared to fit the ticket. It actually wasn't too complicated and just included a few extra steps that I normally wouldn't have done (such as beating EACH egg yolk in separately, folding in the eggwhites a little at a time, etc.) But as it was quality I was after, I pretty much followed the recipe to a "T"- even the frosting, which took an extremely long time to thicken but I disciplined myself and didn't turn up the heat to speed up the process- instead I just grabbed a book and read while I stirred. I've been discovering that a lack of patience is what causes my cake to crumble, literally and figuratively speaking. (See Exhibit A: Carmelized Banana and White Chocolate Torte).
We enjoyed a Fall-flavored dinner again, this time of a sweet cranberry/BBQ pork roast and sweet potatoes slow-cooked with coconut, brown sugar and pecans. I will definitely plan to post the recipes- they were easy and delicious (and will probably be utilized for a few families I'll be bringing meals to in the next few weeks!) The German Chocolate cake finished the meal- Eileigh enjoyed it as much as the rest of us... in fact, we (I) got a little carried away and Eileigh had a bit more sugar intake than usual, as evidenced by her running around like crazy after dinner and then spending bedtime singing and hollering in the crib instead of sleeping. Will definitely plan to avoid cake intake for future bedtimes.

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