Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trying out the new seat

Eileigh's been showing quite a bit of interest in going "potty" recently. She loves to just sit on the toilet; nothing exciting has actually occurred other than her trip from the office to the bathroom to drop some bank statements into the toilet (of which she correctly confirmed "Ew, ew" when I fished them back out). She's been telling me when she goes "poo" (and even says it sometimes when she doesn't...) so I figured I ought to jump on the interest and at least see where this little wagon train will take us... maybe eventually to toilet training. It would be wonderful to have her out of diapers since she gets such horrible diaper rashes from her allergies- and most recently, a really bad yeast infection that is finally close to healed after a week and a half. I'm waiting until she's fully recovered before attempting any active sort of training- and even then we'll see. I definitely don't want to push her if she's not ready but it is a lot of fun to see her so excited about it. I now have a much more involved participant during my bathroom breaks- she's pretty much always been a companion in there with me but now has moved into the role of participant toilet-flusher. Nope, no privacy or dignity left for motherhood- I think that was flushed down the drain as well. :)

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VCK said...

She is going to love this photo when she's 18... :)