Saturday, August 22, 2009

Freezer Corn

Thanks to a connection from MOPs (Mothers Of Preschoolers) I was able to purchase about 200 tasty ears of corn for a great price!! We used to freeze corn all the time growing up and I have extremely fond memories of husking the corn, cutting it off the cob, cooking it, cooling it and finally packaging it for freezing. In all actuality, my parents performed prior stated duties while we girls stood around like little birds with our clean spoons and waited for the right moment to quickly dip into a cooling batch of sweet buttery corn. My mom remembers us being allowed a spoonful as it was cooling- I remember many frequent, furtive dips into various batches as they were produced (mostly while parents were otherwise occupied).
My mom and I conquered the 200 ears in under two hours today (up to the cooling phase). After that we moved on to canning peaches (also my first to do as a grown-up) while we let the corn cool. Both were fairly simple processes but a bit labor-intensive and I am so thankful I wasn't going it alone! I also have a highly operational plan for an early bedtime tonight. By dinner time we had our corn bagged and chilling in the deep freeze and the peaches sealed and cooling on the counter. We mutinied the dinner plans and picked up dinner at a local Mexican restaurant- so nice to let someone else make the meal!!! :)

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