Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old Europe Inn

Tonight Mike and I went on our first date in far too long!! I wanted something nicer than Applebee's or Olive Garden but nothing over-the-top fancy or expensive (that should be reserved for Special Occasions). We found ourselves at a wonderful, cozy little place called the Old Europe Inn. As I have been indulging (and slightly obsessed) with all things cooking, I was thrilled to learn the chef was trained in the French tradition and therefore I found myself very eager to sample the menu. (This having to do also with the fact that I am pregnant and not just my obsession with cooking).
A few weeks ago a good friend and I had a girls' movie night and saw Julie & Julia at the theater and I loved the part where Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep) talks about how she loves French food because they use so much butter and everything tastes so wonderful! That was certainly the case tonight- the creamy sauces were divine and I could literally taste the butter. My taste buds sang. Mike enjoyed the Lobster Ravioli while I had Salmon with a special garlic cream sauce. I also tried their soup du jour and have never tasted anything like it. It was a cream-based sauerkraut soup that had definite dill, parsley and fennel seasonings to it- fabulous. For dessert we special-ordered a pastry-puff strudel filled with hot chocolate ganache. Herein my taste buds died and went to Heaven. :) Mike, who had declined to order dessert, took full advantage of the second fork they brought out with the dessert plate. I shared with him because it was worth seeing someone else enjoy something so delicious (and because I love the man).
We arrived home to hear Eileigh did beautifully and are happily planning our next date night after the success of this evening. For those interested, here is the modest website for the restaurant:

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