Monday, May 11, 2009

Stopping to smell the... flowers of many varieties

Mike cheerfully agreed to my request for hanging baskets to be hung on our front porch in honor of Mother's Day. I have wanted to have flower baskets hung in between the pillars on our porch ever since we moved in three years ago and somehow we've just never gotten around to it- but this year is THE year!! I was able to get off of work early and ran out to Wavra Nursery to pick out some flowers since several girls at work raved about their selection as well as their prices. It was an incredibly peaceful time for me to wander through large, quiet, humid greenhouses filled with blossoming flowers and plants and trickling waterfalls. The fragrances from all the flowers were wonderful and I'm sure I could have spent several hours wandering around and just enjoying the beauty. I did indulge for a little while before finally selecting two enormous, beautiful baskets with flowers cascading towards the ground. Once home Mike ran out and bought hooks to hang them on as well as a long-handled sprayer that I can easily water the baskets with! I am enjoying them immensely and am so thankful to Mike for making it happen!

I also thought I'd share my gift from last year for Mother's Day- I think it was one of the first times Eileigh was away from me and I think they were gone about an hour and a half. I didn't know why at the time but I now have a very precious gift that I treasure!! Her hands and feet were so tiny then!


The Dunns said...

Such a cute little memory of her hand and foot! And many raised beds do you have??

Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

SERIOUSLY! I was like...umm excuse me but where was this picture taken at??? Obviously I haven't been over in a while.

Lindsay said...

We just went to Wavra to get strawberry plants and I loved it there. My present is a hanging basket as well. Can't wait until Derek actually goes and gets it:)