Monday, May 18, 2009

Go Mariners!!!!

For our first anniversary we spent the weekend at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and rode the Mt. Hood dinner train for the Sunday brunch. Second anniversary we celebrated in Hawaii (Waikiki) and enjoyed everything the tourist traps had to offer. Third anniversary was post-Eileigh and was one of the first times we'd actually spent any extended time apart from her; we drove over to Tillamook and explored the Air Museum and toured the Cheese Factory (lunching on cheeseburgers and Tillamook ice cream). We also enjoyed the wildlife on the drive over (stopping to gaze at length at a small herd of elk).

This year we decided in advance to go see a Mariners game- Mike's been to several in his life (having grown up in Olympia) and I went to one in college with a girlfriend as guests of her friend, a cameraman for Komo News (and the game). But Mike and I had never been to one together and thought that it would be a great opportunity to go and take advantage of the fact that Mike's parents live so close and they could take care of Eileigh while we were gone! We don't get to see them as frequently as we'd all like so we knew they would be willing and excited to take care of Eileigh while we went to the game.

Mike and I had a fabulous time- found a great parking spot a block away for $20 (which we justified paying since we "so rarely" go to a game), ate lunch (polish sausage piled sky high with sauerkraut and relish, deep-fried mushrooms and the most expensive water I have ever tasted) and then settled in to watch the game. It was Mariners v. Boston Red Sox and for most of the game (past the first couple innings) they were tied 2-2. Mike and I decided to get out of the sun and wandered around the rest of the stadium viewing the game from all available angles. Finally we headed back to our seats for the last two innings and were standing at the rail when Cedeno connected for the game-winning hit and Mariners scored the win!!! It was pretty exciting and a wonderful bonus to such a great day.

We got home to find Eileigh happy and contented from a wonderful time with Grandpa and Grandma and enjoyed hearing the stories and seeing pictures of their adventures together.

Mariners v. Boston Red Sox

Space Needle behind us

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Jack insisted I wear this to the game- it was made out of jogging-suit material
(yeah, a big "no" on that one)

Eileigh liked it though!!! :)

Eileigh in the backyard

Her incredibly goofy face she makes when we tell her to "Smile!"

On a walk with Grandma

You can see a little of her sunburn- poor girl!
(that was our fault from the day before)

New outfit from Grandma

Eileigh's new favorite pastime- bubbles!!!!

Getting tickled by Grandma

Trying to give Grandpa her ball

Early in the morning- no extra sleep for us just because it's vacation!! :)


The Dunns said...

Seriously. A big girl... she is growing like a weed and SO not a baby anymore. Looks like you guys had a blast! PS. Eileigh looks SO much like you, Nae.

Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

I agree- She looks like a mini you. Looks like she had fun with grandma and grandpa too! Honestly she is this little girl all of a sudden. Crazy!

Eiger has something in common with her Auntie Em- some little thing called a SUNBURN! Although mine is over my whole body... :(