Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not Berry's Farm

I remember going to Knott's Berry Farm and riding some pretty insane rollercoasters. However, here in our little backyard farm and garden area we give wheelbarrow rides. Perhaps not as stomach-churning as a rollercoaster but certainly enjoyable by the amused look on Eileigh's face. I treasure extremely fond memories of the times my parents would give my sisters and I wheelbarrow rides. I also seem to remember as we got a bit older my sisters and I would give each other rides with the main objective of going as fast as you possibly can, crashing, and ultimately dumping the rider out in a blaze of glory. Good times, good times.

Our garden is starting to grow!! We have three raised beds planted and two more built just needing to be fixed in the ground and then filled with soil and plants! Last year I was too late for planting pretty much anything (except for some sprouting red and sweet potatoes I had in the house for far too long!!) This year we got an early start- a little too early, apparently, since the frost claimed a few of our little seedlings. But we now have some pretty nice starts to take their place and I can't wait for the harvest!! I'm piling up all of my summertime recipes to take advantage of (a hopefully abundant) harvest!

Finally, Sterling was continuously in the way as Mike was industriously painting our new porch. Actually, Sterling is underfoot most of the time. At this point he kept climbing Mike's ladder and going out to the little shelf. I thought it was humorous but I might have been alone in my amusement!! I take that back, Eileigh seemed to think it was pretty funny too. :)


Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

Hahaa I love this post! Ei looks SO happy in her new ride and Sterling- hahhaa.

The Dunns said...

She is VERY content... no need for Knott's Berry Farm... yet! Auntie Min can take her on all the rollercoasters one day!