Thursday, April 16, 2009

The First Cut (is not the deepest, apparently)

Sheryl Crow got it wrong. At least as far as haircuts are concerned!!! Mike and I took Eileigh to get her very first haircut today- just a little trimming to even it up since the back was growing a little faster than the rest and some areas were thicker than others. (Luckily it was not all business in the front, party in the back- it was a little party all over). Eileigh did great! She sat on my lap the whole time and enjoyed watching herself in the mirror, playing with (and dropping) all of Kendra's combs, and marveling at Kendra's dangly silver earrings. (Side note: Eileigh has recently shown a HUGE fascination with arranging my shoes (and will spend literally half an hour doing so), carrying purses and bags on her shoulder and now my necklace and Kendra's earrings- I have birthed a girly girl!!!) :)
Kendra did an incredible job and Eileigh now has a nicely trimmed up little head o' hair. I was next in the chair for the first haircut I've had in way too long. And it was worth the wait- seriously I think this is the best haircut I have ever had. I am totally hooked. I think I might be seriously tempted to actually start doing something with my hair- put some product in it, actually "do" it in the mornings (as opposed to letting it dry overnight while I sleep and then putting it up in a ponytail for the day). Hmmm, tempting!!! :)

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The Dunns said...

Oh Eileigh you look precious with your new 'do. Love you. :)