Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Desk

Eileigh discovered her desk today! It is one of my favorite, most treasured items from childhood. I remember spending so much time there, playing, coloring, reading and repeatedly opening and closing the lid to store all kinds of treasures I deemed prize-worthy at whatever point in time. I have always hoped my kids would enjoy some of the special things I enjoyed as a child and if today is any indication, Eileigh is going to LOVE this desk. She occupied herself for a full 20 minutes just climbing on and off and swiveling in the chair. I also have high hopes for her stashing all of her treasures like I did, since she already rifled through various office drawers for objects of interest and carried them over to observe and enjoy while seated at her desk. The item she is appreciating is an old sermon tape. Now I just need to get her a Sony Walkman with headphones for it and she can practically LIVE my childhood!!! :)

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The Dunns said...

What a good little student you have there! You probably enjoyed your desk most at age...let's say... 10.