Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adopt One, Get One Free!

Well you know how much I love a good deal! So this was one we apparently couldn't pass up. The Willamette Humane Society ( was having a special where if you adopt one cat, you can adopt another one for free! We'd toyed with the idea of adopting two cats anyways so it worked out pretty well. So Monday we came home with Sterling and Tuesday we brought Colby Jack home to live with us. In keeping with the tradition of naming our cats by color (i.e., Blackie, Graybie) we decided to keep Sterling's original name since it suited us all just fine. Colby Jack is (obviously) orange and white and just a little bit soft like his namesake. He was originally named Timothy but that definitely did not fit the milieu we have going on over here. So far Sterling is the epitomy of the perfect cat (for our family) and doesn't bat a whisker when Eileigh smacks him, pulls at his whiskers, pokes at his "eye, eye" or grabs his tail and is dragged along by him. Colby Jack (aka Colby, C.J., and CoJack) is a bit less forgiving and so I'm keeping a close eye on him for the next few days and we'll see if this relationship is going to work out for all of us. Colby does really well with Mike and I and last night we actually (gasp! I know!) let the cats sleep with us. After almost four years of marriage my resistance to any feline bedmates has been worn down and last night the cats reaped the benefits. They mostly slept on Mike (thankfully) and didn't bother me too much except at some point when Colby landed on my head and walked along my pillow with a very loud Purrrrr. Mike grabbed him before I did and set him down at the (much safer) foot of the bed. Now I'm just trying to decide if this is a new leaf I want remaining flipped over or if I should stick by my well-worn guns and kick the cats out into the bitter cold. (Bitter cold meaning the absence of my presence and my big soft bed). I'm also curious to see if these cats can possibly sleep even more than they have already today. I'm guessing that it's just being around Eileigh that is wearing them out- it can be pretty exhausting- I speak from experience!! :)

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