Monday, April 4, 2011

Selah's Turn

This backpack has been one of the greatest garage sale finds EVER!! Eileigh put it to good use (and I actually caught Mike toting her around in it about a week ago... afterwards he protested so much about his aching back I suggested Eileigh may have slightly outgrown the weight/height limit on the carrier. Or maybe just the limit on his back). :) He stored it up in the attic for: An Entire Week. Then, Hello Sunshine and out it came again, this time for Selah. She loved it- gave me the biggest wrinkled-nose grin pretty much the entire time she was riding around. Mike won't be able to mow the lawn by himself for years to come. :)

Mike and Selah, April 2011

Mike and Eileigh, July 2009

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Mindi said...

I love the comparisons! Oh, and it's SO Mike to put it all the way up in the attic... for a week. :)