Monday, February 21, 2011

Eventual Procrastinator

I have a character flaw. Several, actually, but we can save the rest for another post. I used to attribute it to a mere issue of "personality" but I've since come to the realization that was merely an excuse for what is truly, a flaw in my character. This one is particular stems from an odd struggle with perfectionism wherein if I can't do something exactly the way I purport it should be done I simply avoid it altogether. This would be where the procrastination part comes in. I become overwhelmed with creative ideas that would be great... if I did them. I get behind and then can't bring myself to even attempt the first step up a seemingly insurmountable mountain of self-imposed idealism. Deplorable in my opinion but the good news is that Character can be developed! Thanks be to God, Who in His grace and mercy refuses to leave me the depraved way that I am! My praise to Him as He continually draws me to Himself and doesn't leave me to my own ways. Enough with the confession. All this to say, the thought of blogging about the holidays and the girls' birthdays and everything else swirling around in my brain threw me over the edge into blogging oblivion and only a friend's curious, "Are you not blogging because you're pregnant and experiencing morning sickness?" has snapped me out of my funk. Since I do not have such a blessed excuse I shall climb back upon the blogging horse as it were and start this ride once again.
I decided the best way to ease back into the proverbial saddle would be to simply share the latest pics of the girls. Selah wore her hair up in her first little ponytail today- it went straight up on top of her head. She looked so darn cute and reminded me so much of Eileigh at her age! I had to dig out some pics of Eileigh for comparison.

Eileigh (about the same age here as Selah is now)

Selah (today)

Ahhh, the scrunch-nose face. A favorite.

When Baby ain't happy...

Doesn't phase Eileigh

And look how fast the mood changes...

My precious girls

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Mindi said...

They look so similar at that age!! Love the scrunchy nose :)