Tuesday, January 4, 2011


  • Laying on the coffee table (which is off-limits for sitting on): "I not know better; I just a kid."
  • A favorite song: The Doxcelery (Doxology)
  • In tears after a meltdown (of her own accord): "I want to change my attitude."
  • Location of owie: "My finger hurts on the "None". Me: "The part without a nail?" E: "Yeah."
  • During breakfast: "Selah has cute-iful eyes."
  • During lunch: "Oh no! I forgot a email!" Me: "An email? To who?" E: "To Papa. About a order."
  • During dinner (randomly, to Daddy): "Now you have to get me out of his teef; they're sharp, eat me." Me: "A shark?" E: "Yeah, a big fish."
  • After being questioned, her reply: "It's up to you, Mom."
  • Regarding her breakfast choice: "Just toast and peanut butter. It's up to me."
  • Negotiating at dinner time: "I play with play-doh and you eat dinner. That sounds like a good deal to me!"
  • Negotiating to go outside: "You put my jacket and my boots on and I go outside. That sounds like a good deal to me!" (To which I replied, "That does sound like a good deal for you!")
**Update: Tonight while maintaining a slight whine before bedtime: "Mommy, I just want to read books and snuggle with you. That's what my problem is, okay?"

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