Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tub Surprise

In the interest of sharing the latest "ew", I thought I would relate my most recent experience with the seemingly never ending poo-tastrophes. Our regular habit is to follow breakfast time with bath time, resulting in a generally much easier clean up on Eileigh's part. Yesterday was a different story altogether. Eileigh has pretty much gotten into a routine: up in the morning, drink milk, walk around and poop, eat breakfast, take a bath, get dressed, poop, etc. Pooping takes up a significant portion of the day although she is frequently able to multi-task and I am unaware of her accomplishment until she careens by and I catch the rather fragrant essence trailing along behind her. So as is my custom, prior to dumping Eileigh in the tub I peeked into the backside of her diaper to ascertain the need for a full change and clean up. Nothing noticed, I stripped off her diaper as she stood there peering into the tub, letting the diaper fall to the floor- face down. I swung Eileigh into the tub, bent down to pick the diaper up and realized after doing so that there was poop all over my floor. Soggy, vegetable mush. I stared dumbfounded at the floor, progressed to staring at the diaper in my hand and (finally making the connection) turned my eyes toward Eileigh- now contentedly admiring all of the floaters whirling and swirling around her. I was stricken for several seconds, torn between the need to wipe up the floor to reach Eileigh and my desperation to keep Eileigh's hands OFF the new tub toys. As I hurriedly scrubbed the floor I kept one eye on Eileigh and informed "No, Eileigh, icky, no touch!" She then enjoyed running around naked while I drained the bathtub turned toilet and scrubbed everything from the tub to the smeared bath mat to every single toy that had simmered in the sewage. Finally finished, Eileigh enjoyed a freshly scrubbed bath tub while I made a strong mental note to always, always fully check the diaper PRIOR to plunging Eileigh into the tub.


Neil, Kelsey, & Elliott Cantrall said...

I have had the EXACT same experience with Elliott! Thankfully, his poo was in a more solid state. Is that really your first bath poopisode??

Jenae said...

It is! I've always kind of expected her to do something in the tub but it's never happened until now. And technically, I guess it is my fault and not really hers anyway!! :) I'm just waiting for the day my sister-in-law experienced with my nephew- when she absentmindedly accepted the handful of poop he was handing her from the tub. Eeeewww. :) At least my bathtub cleaning got done for the week!! :)

The Dunns said...

What is it gonna be next? Rabbit poop, a fly, now this... oh Eileigh. You make my heart sing with your adventures.