Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy girl, lots of teeth!

Just thought I would share a couple recent pictures of Eileigh and her mouthful of teeth! She currently has eight in the front, a ninth bottom molar, and is working on two top molars- one on each side! They definitely do not seem to bother her as much as when her other teeth came in which is a blessing! I was reading somewhere about the effect inflation has had on the Tooth Fairy- apparently it's not uncommon for her to bring anywhere from $5-$20 a tooth! I'm pretty certain that will not be the case in our household... I figure 5 cents to a quarter sounds about right. :) I remember as a little girl accidentally swallowing one of my teeth and having to write the Tooth Fairy a letter... something along the lines of "Dear Tooth Fairy, I swollowed my tooth. Please send me a quarter." Misspelling is all mine. But she did bring a quarter!! I'm looking forward to experiencing that with Eileigh- not the losing teeth part necessarily (kinda gross) but the excitement of the Tooth Fairy visits. I even have the tooth box already!


Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

sick. I HATED having a tooth loose because I knew that it meant that dad was going to... make a little floss loop, gently put the loop evenly around the sides of the tooth and then YANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out comes the tooth flying! Scary! Eiger looks so cute in these pictures! When are you two coming into Salem tomorrow? We need to try on bridesmaids dresses, and I have another one picked out!

The Dunns said...

Look at that toothy grin! You already have the tooth fairy box?

Jenae said...

Yeah, it's this cute little wooden box with a tooth carving/picture on the front that I picked up at Archibald Sisters in Seattle- I figured I'd get it then and save it for later!!:)