Friday, January 6, 2012

Stuffed Pillowcases: Deep Thoughts

Tip: Put your bedsheets and second pillowcase inside the first one for storage.

Question: Why would I ever want to do that?

Theory: Keeps everything together, no spare pillowcase to get lost.

Rebuttal: I hate this tip. I even tried it once and cannot make it work. I have an absolutely lovely friend whose life has been completely renewed by now stuffing her pillowcases in this manner. I think what drives me nuts first of all is that it makes just an unsightly lump of sack-filled sheets unfit for stacking and better equipped for stuffing into an already packed closet shelf. Furthermore, my pillowcases are apparently too long and end up having a tail (do I fold it back under or do I just loosen up the whole package and let it ooze out over the shelf?), becoming the very antithesis of a neatly folded pile. I also must question the obvious... how do pillowcases get lost on a closet shelf? If they are removed by someone needing a clean pillowcase then it is just as possible to lose one housed in a pillowcase-sack as it is in a pillowcase-pile. The return of wayward single pillowcase is just as easy (and dare I say easier?) to a stack than a sack. Finally (and this moves beyond a deep thought to a deep-seated issue), by having all of the sheets inside a pillowcase, the pillowcase is open and exposed, most of its surfaces touching and being touched by any manner of objects. Completely negates the freshness factor a tightly folded pillowcase can bring to a newly dressed bed.

Solution: After laundering a set of bedsheets and pillowcases, fold each item as neatly as you prefer, place altogether in a stack (prodigal pillowcase option: sandwich folded pillowcases in between the flat and the fitted) and stuff as neatly as preferred into whatever space is available on the shelf.

Warning: If you ever stop by for a visit, don't open the door to my linen closet. You may have a pile of sheets fall out neatly on your head.


Aly sun said...

I read the first part of your post and totally thought, "oh no, not this tip again, I hate this tip!" glad we're together on this one. I was afraid I might have to boycott your blog for a day. I make a neat stack and have never had an unfortunate pillowcase loss. Seems a bit less confusing to me to store sheets in the same room they are used. I don't have a linen closet to peak in. :)

Amanda Himes said...

I have a goal to actually put my sheets in the linen closet! :) For some reason they like their home in the laundry basket or on the huge armchair in the upstairs hall. I will keep you posted on my progress.