Saturday, December 24, 2011

EGGnog: The Real Deal

Tradition has it that every year (at least for the last three or four years) I whip up a batch of eggnog. Of course I only do it at Christmas time and it is indubitably declared a delicious but once-a-year indulgence. All that is now going to change. I foresee an integration of this beverage into our regular, non-holiday existence. This is because I now have a recipe so healthy it's almost a crime NOT to drink it on a reasonably regular basis. Chock full of a few of my favorite things: raw milk, raw egg yolks and raw honey. It tastes AMAZEing. Much better than the high fructose CornNog at the store. :) As always, get your food from a reputable source and make sure the cows are grass fed and the chickies are pasture run (the closer to orange your yolks are, the better). Save the egg whites to make meringue since raw egg whites can block your body's absorption of biotin (resulting in hair loss... not highly recommended).  I'm told that freshly grated nutmeg really "makes" this recipe and maybe I'll get myself a little nutmeg grinder in the future but for now I'm going to use up the rest of my already-ground nutmeg. It's still delish. The girls surely think so.


2 c. raw whole milk
2 c. cream (preferably raw, at least organic, not ultra-pasteurized)
8 large egg yolks (preferably pastured, at least organic free-range)
1/4 c. raw honey or Grade B maple syrup
1 tsp. vanilla extract (I used homemade vanilla extract made with rum for extra flavor)
Freshly grated nutmeg to sprinkle on top
Optional: Good Kentucky bourbon or rum

Blend ingredients together in blender or food processor until smooth. Pour into glasses and add bourbon or rum if desired. Grate fresh nutmeg over each glass and serve.

 Good.... the last....


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Mindi said...

Oh my, Selah is adorable in these pictures! Fabulous recipe, too! Thanks for sharing! Now I am gonna have eggnog any time I feel so inclined. :)