Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Owie (with a Mouth)

A couple days ago we were over at my parents' house and Eileigh got a small cut on the inside of her Tall Man finger, right along the joint crease. Somehow she always seems to manage to injure Tall Man with any owie she receives and Mike and I have countless immature moments having her repeatedly show her owie to each other.
We had one Hello Kitty band-aid left and although I generally limit band-aid use to serious owies, this one was affecting her silverware use during lunch (more so from dramatic effect than actual injury) so Tall Man got slapped with a Hello Kitty band-aid and lunch continued without further delay.
After bath time and the subsequent removal of Hello Kitty, Eileigh insisted on another band-aid for bedtime since it still "hurt so bad". By this point I had a hard time seeing the scratch so I was pretty sure there was no longer any looming imminent loss of appendage and therefore denied said band-aid request. I explained that we should just air her finger out and let the owie breathe. Eileigh looked at me a little confused and said we didn't have any air around here, to which I replied that yes, actually, it's all over and there will be more than enough for your finger. She thought a little more and then flipped her Tall Man at me and said, "My owie needs to breathe. See, there's his little mouth!!" I looked and I swear that finger was just about grinning at me.

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Mindi said...

I think this might be my favorite Eileigh moment EVER. LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!