Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Help

Eileigh's piles

Not only do I have a partner in crime (see: chocolate consumption) but I also happen to have a fabulous little helper... on occasion... the best help happening more of when she feels like it rather than a constant desire to clean and/or help her mama. So on this day she was happily helping me with the laundry- washcloths being her specialty. I was actually pretty impressed with how well she had folded them and caught myself as I was praising her for that. I realized that it's not so much the results I care about (e.g., evenly folded towels) but more the fact that she was willing to help me and doing it with a great attitude. So I switched gears and told her how much I appreciated her helping me. She looked quite pleased, gave me a hug and kiss and told me she loved me. How I delight in that little girl.

Helping Daddy wash the truck

Daddy's hat, boots no less than three sizes too small and her rockin' secondhand scooter that she absolutely adores


Mindi said...

Probably the cutest helper I've ever seen. Love that picture of her and the hat- and those boots are hilarious! I bet she felt like she had tons of room in the blue ones of Boone's yesterday!

Mindi said...

Speaking of "The Help"..... :)