Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh It's the Holiday Season....

As I am- on occasion- technologically challenged, I am happy to say I have finally surmounted the latest obstacle blocking my blogging path and have figured out how to upload pictures from our new camera to my blog (with fewer headaches, less time and significantly decreased personal resistance to the entire process). What follows are holiday moments as captured by our camera lens.
Eileigh searching for the perfect tree one incredibly cold morning

Watching Daddy cut the tree...

Whoops, leaned a little too far...

Helping to decorate the tree- the "ornament" she's holding is my mom's most hated ornament (which I love, perhaps because she hates it) :)

A wonderful lazy morning to decorate the tree... notice Eileigh's missing slipper

Eileigh's most cherished worldly possession: her (now) one-eyed bunny, chewed nearly into oblivion

Eileigh's first homemade sugar cookie (at least first made by me)- she loved it, of course

Eileigh was able to lick one of the frosting beaters... Mike commandeered the other

Mike did a great job putting up all the lights!

My favorite place was our back porch- it was so beautiful at night!!!

I was able to get Eileigh's hair in a ponytail for the first time... Mike said she looked like my Mini-me :)

My two sweeties

We painted Eileigh's toes for the first time- she calls them her "pitty toes!"

Christmas dress

Eileigh was SOO excited to wear camo like Daddy- thank you to Charlie and Sheryl!!!

Chillin' in her camo, Cabela's chair, and Daddy's fleece

Christmas morning at our house- I had no idea I was about to open my Uggs!! :)

Eileigh had to put on her robe right away...

Necklaces, bracelets and earrings, oh my!

Going to feed her new dolly in the crib (after trying the bottle out herself)

Such a helper- aiding Boone with his new electric toothbrush

He had the most hysterical look on his face...

While I cracked up that Eileigh was opening her mouth while brushing HIS teeth

They switched dolls for a little while...

Until Eileigh grabbed them both

I'm not so sure Boone knew quite what to think...

A gift for Baby Finn when he arrives (well, and grows a little...)

Boone seemed pretty happy with his new camo chair from Cabela's

And David was the lucky recipient of the gift that keeps on giving... year after year... a broken cat ornament

My mom and her new iPod

Matching robes... mine was left at home. :)

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The Dunns said...

Great pictures... great narration :) Absolutely LOVE the ginormous zebra belly, too :)