Thursday, December 3, 2009


Our new baby carrier- an Ergo- just arrived and we had to try it out. It can fit all the way from infant to 40 lbs. so we're pretty excited at the versatility for when the baby comes. It's super-comfortable and even I do okay carrying Eileigh around on my back (although the front-carry is a no-go for now). The best thing about it (other than the comfort) is that it's ergonomically correct, so Eileigh (or the baby) is able to sit in it as opposed to dangling from a carrier with all the pressure put on her pelvis and legs. We'd originally gotten a good deal on a pretty pink one with flowers but Mike tried it on and while he liked the comfort and ease of wearing it, he was not a big fan of being covered in pink and flowers- who knew? :) So we sold that one and bought the black one new for a great price. I hope Selah likes it, I know Eileigh does!

Eileigh was getting a little tired of "helping" me make dinner at this point

The back-carry position is also great for receiving neck massages (Eileigh calls them "saj")


The Dunns said...

I want a SAJ from Eileigh!!

Love, Burkhart & Tschiegg said...

I love her smile in the last one. Sooo cute.