Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ear Muffs!!! (Take 2)

Eileigh, who loves all things Daddy, has become extremely attached to "helping" Mike mow the lawn. Don't cringe, she doesn't stand behind it to help push. :) She gets perched in the hiking backpack high up on Mike's back and rides around looking happy as a little clam. (Not that I know all that many clams permitted to enjoy the finer arts of lawn-mowing, but still.) We realized quickly that for Eileigh to safely enjoy herself she definitely needed hearing protection: Enter the offical earmuffs. I don't know what else to call them? I actually wore this very pair (along with several other pairs we had) growing up and that is what my sisters and I have always called them. We never used them when mowing the lawn, of course- just when we were sighting in our rifles. :)
So my Dad hooked us up and Eileigh was more than thrilled to wear them- and not just when mowing the lawn! A couple days ago Mike asked her if she wanted to help him mow the lawn and she reached up and placed her hands over her ears!! It was hysterical. Now I can just holler out "Earmuffs!!" and she'll put her hands over her ears- that could come in handy. Or maybe I just need to keep a pair in the diaper bag for nonEileigh-appropriate conversations...

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The Dunns said...

Don't apologize to me, apologize to the Baby... "I'm sorry baby..."